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Holy Fire Reiki II

I have always been interested in healing and bringing happiness to people. I  stumbled on to Reiki through my mother wanting a massage. Having diabetes she would get bruises when someone touched her. I saw that Reiki was a no-touch method. It  created relaxation and stress release. I decided to take a chance and it worked wonders. I soon began having treatments of my own. It then led to my  interest in providing this service to others. I found that after I worked on someone, the happiness and relaxation they illuminated was amazing. It is so fulfilling that it seemed to me it was my calling and I had to continue on this path. 


I grew up in Queens, NY. I began my art education at Cooper Union in NYC. I went on to further study at Queensboro Community College and received an AS degree in Fine and Performing Arts. I then continued on to F.I.T. in NYC and received an AA degree in Fine Arts and Sculpture. I maintained a studio at Queens College before relocating to San Francisco, CA  in 1994.

My return to NY in 2000 brought me to study pastry arts at ICE in NYC. I incorporated my art background with chocolate to create confectionery sculptures in the New York City Chocolate Show in 2002 & 2003. This sparked a love affair with the sweeter side of life. I relocated to Northern, CA where I became a pastry chef and channeled love through pastry and chocolate creations.  I then went on to study Reiki. Channeling Reiki healing energy and intuitive painting has become so fulfilling to me. I'm spreading joy, light, love and happiness to others.

Intuitive paintings

I am best known for expressionistic/intuitive paintings using acrylic paint. I'm inspired by vibrating colors, meditation music, animals, dreams and everyday life. In the past art was for personal expression of my own life/spiritual journey.  This journey has taken me further than I had ever been before. Culminating in the creation of intuitive paintings during meditation. Some say the energy and the message can be felt as a deep calling to one's soul. 

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